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Waterfall for everyone

NYC waterfall

Who says a city can’t have a waterfall? Today is the official launch day for NYC’s waterfall located just under the Brooklyn Bridge. For those city dwellers who had never saw a live waterfall, here is your chance.

Here’s the video but it’s not featuring its full glory, which happens at night.

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Evening in Stevens

Stevens is a beautiful place. Located near the busiest city in the world, Stevens is like a sanctuary that keeps us from chaos of the city. Let’s share some great views at Stevens


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Business cards for everyone

I’ve never had my own business card because I never found the use of it. Now as I’m getting more involved in defining who I am, I need some kind of identifier for strangers. To do so, there is nothing more gentlemanly other than giving them your business card.

Ooprint is having a promotion for free 100 Blogger/Business cards. As there is no free lunch, I have to pay $5.90 for shipping, $3 for optional thicker white paper, $2 for optional crystal case and last but not literally not least, VAT (tax) which is close to 20%. The total for my extra perks is $13.01.

Here is what I got after a little customization.


Not bad huh? By the way, half way through the ordering process, I changed my mind.

As summer is approaching, I’m going to use these cards in Malaysia. So I need to put my local contact number which I don’t have yet. I am going to postpone the purchase until I get back to Malaysia. Besides, the shipping is the same anywhere in the world. If you need some professional looking cards or just for fun having business card, get you free card from Ooprint today.

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EPF(KWSP) withdrawal Calculator

img29Ever wonder how much you could withdraw from your EPF account for investment? Here’s is a quick and easy calculator. Just put your age, and your balance in Account 1, then you will get your figure.

Download link

Let me know if there is miscalculation or question.

For more information about the new rule in withdrawal, please visit


A little downtime

There was a downtime yesterday on Ipserverone server. After that, my blog’s file attribution was messed up so I reverted to previous day backup. Sorry for the comments that were sacrified for the greater good.



p/s: great customer support from Ipserverone


Tax and Spend

img28Today we are going to talk about government and economy. Sounds like history lessons right? hehe

Okay, we don’t know much about how the whole system of government works but we know two things about them; they tax and they spend.

Sounds like a bad guy right? Not really. In fact, those are the most influential things that government can do in our economy. I going to talk more about US government as they have longer history and we might get something from it.

Before our time, government and economy were not as related as today. Government left the matter to market players such as firms, investors and customers. They played nice with each other and live happily ever after except they were not. The former is correct that they played nice with each other, perfectly followed the theory of Microeconomic( supply vs demand theory). However the second part, which applies to everything in reality, is not true.

Then come the Great Depression. People started questioning why depressions happen. According to supply and demand theory, this is not possible. Along come the Macroeconomists that try to explain three most important thing that micro can’t explain

  1. Inflation
  2. Aggregate Growth
  3. Unemployment

Government role in economy started to increase as microeconomists suggested that government should play a role as a buffer. Here are two main action that government has to take accordingly:

Expansionary: Reduce tax and increase spending to get the economy from slumber/recession

Contractionary: Increase tax and reduce spending to slow overgrowth economy (to reduce inflation).

But what happen if economy is in recession and inflation in a rise? That question is the beauty of macroeconomy where people are trying to explain the reality that’s not suppose to exist in theory.



5 reasons why Apple won’t release Iphone in Malaysia

img26People are hoping that Apple will release Iphone in Malaysian market. Here are the reasons why I think Iphone won’t be released here.

Malaysian market is too small

I know Malaysian are very quick in adopting new technology especially in handphone market. However, the numbers are quite small comparing to other eastern countries like Japan. And having to deal with Malaysia lock policy, I bet we won’t be on top of the list.

It’s illegal to lock any phone in Malaysia

Just like France and Germany, we have a law to prevent any phone to be locked to certain providers. Apple either has to release an unlocked version or not to release it at all. Considering that Apple is making much money by sharing revenue with telco providers, it’s a loss for them to release an unlocked version.

Suggested price for unlocked version would be around RM3600++

Apple released unlocked Iphone in France for 749 Euro and in Germany for 999 Euro to compensate for the revenue that Apple would get in subscribers payment. If we convert that amount into Malaysian Ringgit, it would be RM3600 to RM4790 per unit. It’s very expensive for a smartphone. Besides that, people are selling self-unlocked Iphone at RM2300 -RM2600. I don’t know about you but paying extra RM1000 for valid warranty and upgrade seems too much.

No 3G

I thought this would not be an important reason but after using Iphone for months, it feels like I would kill to have 3G. Browsing using Iphone would be so much fun if a website doesn’t need at least 30 seconds to load its page. After you have tried navigating

Self-unlocked Iphone is more fun

If you want peace of mind and stay with original firmware, you are losing big time. While there are bunches of web application which don’t require you to install anything in your Iphone, 3rd party applications offers many more functions to you. These are the lists of things that might seduce you to convert:

-Camera with digital zoom and burst mode
-Games (tetris, snake, tower of hanoi)
-Access your computer at home
-Azan software
-Voice note
-Money tracking client
-auto-lyric finder

This is just a tip of iceberg. There are a lot more applications that make original apps so mundane.

What is your prediction about it? Do you think Iphone will come to our shore?


My art of procrastinating


Procrastinating is not bad, if you know how do it properly. Here is a list of three tips to procrastinate better.

1. Always limit your time studying or doing homework

As a procrastinator myself, my most productive time is the last hour of the dateline. But one thing about procrastinating is that the last hour makes you suffer, disoriented and full of tension. So my solution is to set my own goal and time it’s due. I tried to emulate the anxiety of the set time as much as I do with the real due time. This way I could also have the heavenly feeling of finishing a job just before its due time.

Besides, if I managed to complete the homework, I will give myself a gift such as a venti size of White Mocha Iced Latte from Starbuck. That’s to encourage my mind and feeling towards finishing any goal next time.

What happened if I can’t finish it on time? Usually I just skip to the next homework and work together with my friend when the real due date is coming.

Apply that to studying too.

2. Multitask is another form of procrastinating

Multitasking is today’s buzz word. Unlike computers, we only have one core and even with that, we don’t have full control of memorizing things. I found that multitasking actually requiring more time than it should be, especially when doing something new i.e studying. Our mind always make an excuse out of it to stop doing the real work. So don’t fall for its trick.

I save multitasking for something that I do routinely, like unlocking 5 Iphones at a time or folding clothes while talking to my mom on the phone.

3. Find something bigger to procrastinate

Have it ever happen to you that you find there is always something else to do beside doing your final paper? Suddenly, some lesser things like washing dishes or sweeping floor seems more interesting to do. Our brain try its best to avoid doing something important, even its has to do the task that you don’t like.

Harness the motivation behind this procrastination by doing something a little bit less important like doing your homework. Force yourself to decide between doing the final paper or this little homework. You win either way.

There you go. If you find these tips useful, use them as you please, if not, or you have anything in mind, the comment section is for yours to use. :p



Makcik PC : Eee PC contender?

img3In the wake of ultra portable (and surprisingly interesting) Eee PC by Asus and ultra-affordable OLPC (one laptop per Child), Malaysian don’t take any chance to be left behind in producing our own invention. Mimos, a Malaysian-based company, released Makcik PC on 30th Nov 2007.

With a starting price of less than USD100, Makcik PC is aimed to reduce the gap between rural and urban society in Malaysia.

I don’t know which operating system it comes with but surely it’s not any sort from Microsoft.

With touchscreen as its main input device, it would be great if this PC have Iphone-like interface. You know, like multitouch and drag-to-scroll thinggy.

Let’s see some of its specs:

  • Start from RM330 ($100USD)
  • Voice-activated features
  • Built in Flash memory (at least 2GB)
  • Touch screen (no keyboard)

I congratulate Mimos for this initiative and let’s see how it goes. More pictures after jump
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How to get email domain

Get it while it’s still fresh! Microsoft just bring its Live services out from beta. With that, they are also dropping a new domain for email. I just got myself an exquisite email address, irwan[at]

To get your own email address, click here and then click get a new live id. So if you would like to have a email address with common name like jason[at], act fast because it won’t be long before somebody take it.

update: apparently, they use regional for Malaysians, but you can always use proxy to bypass the region check.

update: beside using proxy, you can also copy this javascript when you are at login selection page :
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