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Daylight saving kicking out

Since yesterday, Malaysian and US time will be differed by -13 hours. That means if it’s 6pm in malaysia, it’s 5am in the US.

P/S: Enjoying my early Maghrib 4.50pm. hehe


Mobile Holy Quran for Iphone

Mobile Holy Quran for Iphone

This is another reason why you should get an Iphone. Mobile Holy Quran is a native apps for Iphone and Ipod Touch. It was released yesterday. I’m surprised how much thought that the author has put into programming this apps. To start it, this neat software is available through Installer. So you just have to tap its name to install it. Interestingly, the author put it in Productivity folder.

Installation process takes no more than 10 seconds. After pressing the menu button, you will see a green icon and be greeted with donation button. Dismiss it and you are ready to use it.

To listen to let say Al-Fatihah, just click the name and it will download the data for the surah. Short surahs are just around 200-600 kb each while Al-Baqarah is about 45 MB. This include the voice and the translation. The program will let you choose which server to download, listing them by the order of speed. After you have downloaded one surah, you don’t have to do it ever again.

What’s more, the software include the translation in Bahasa Malaysia which can be easily selected by pressing ’Translation’ button. What’s more you could ask?



New Ipod Nano and Ipod Touch Launched

img69Introducing the new Ipod from Apple. Ipod Touch features multi-touch screen just like Iphone and it looks like Iphone too. With just 8-mm thick, Ipod Touch come in 2 flavors, 8GB ($299) and 16GB($399).

Here is some of the specs:

– Built-in Wifi
Safari Browser
– Battery life: 22 hours music, 5 hours video
– Watch Youtube over Wifi

Apple Store is under heavy load now. US people will get their first Ipod Touch at the end of this week.

Besides that, Apple also launched a new Ipod Nano. Now it can play video on its 2-inch screen, still can pair with Nike + and just become a little bit fatter. It’s relatively cheaper too. 4GB is $149 and 8GB is $199.

Other announcement is the price drop of Iphone. The 4GB is now on its way out while 8GB version is having $200 price drop to $399. It’s the quickest price drop from Apple.

If you are dreaming of owning Ipod Touch, check this Guided Video Tour.

The old Ipod is called Ipod Classic now. It’s slimmer but with humongous 80GB($249)

and 160GB($349) storage.

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It’s a Wootoff!!!

Wootoff is coming back to woot!!! for those living in the US, grab this oppoturnity to buy the best deals on the web.

At the time of writing, Roomba Scheduler is sold for $140. Grab it people

What is Woot? is one of the first website which sell 1 item per day. And the item is really on great price. an item in each will be sold until it’s sold out or it’s past 1 am eastern time. I bought several things from woot; a casio watch, a roomba(!!!), a 250gb hard disk and some other things.
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The Journey To The West

As promised in my Bucks4Banner post, I’m going to write a mini review for the first person who could find 3 banners in this blog.

And the winner is Kaklong! Kaklong and I are both oversea student. Being a student in a foreign country is a different lot of stories. I remember the first time I put my step in the United States (in Los Angeles transit airport), I have a kind of rush panic. Suddenly I felt as if I’m not ready for this. I don’t know even if I can talk English with such fluency that understandable by people around me. And I’m not sure whether I would be able to be accepted by my new friends of difference culture. And I don’t know if I could learn with professors of unfamiliar accent. Experience like these are rarely told to others (even by me) but Kaklong’s Journey to the West unfolds her problems, her joy and her thought as a student of the States.
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Yahoo Mail is now Unlimited

I logged in to my yahoo email just now and I got a surprise from Yahoo:


After some googling (hey googling is not marked as spelling error, interesting), Somehow I feel happy even though I never use more than 5% of 2GB storage before. Tell me how much mail storage do you really use? Do we really need that much? or unlimited is still not enough?


Affin Bank Offers Lowest Credit Card Rate

I loath of the idea of spending more that you could afford but Credit Card is still a convenience to a lot of us. We don’t have to carry cash around and it’s accepted everywhere. Just swipe and carry. With current maximum rate of 18% per annum for outstanding balance, Credit Card managed to cause 11% of total bankruptcies case in Malaysia. If you think that you are way too young to be bankrupted, do note that 8% of bankcrupts were aged between 20 and 30. Read the rest of this entry »

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M2U Offers Online Cinema Ticket Purchasing

Maybank once again proved itself to be the best online banking solution by providing a very useful service for movie buff. In collaboration with Golden Screen Cinema(GSC), M2U users can now book their favorite seats and directly pay the tickets using their M2U accounts.

Before this, GSC only support credit card users for its online payment system which is called E-Payment. I tried to use my USA debit card with no success. Now with the inclusion of M2U service, it is convenient for me to book my seat and avoid long queue at Midvalley.

Online and mobile booking are not new to fellow Malaysians. However, these services don’t offer seat booking where you have to choose the seats only when you’ve arrived to pickup your tickets. Here is a snapshot of GSC E-Payment service. Pretty cool right? You can choose which seat that you want and pay it directly. The picture shows the seating for Gold Class at Midvalley.


Before you can use this service, you need to register online as GSC member and have M2U account. Tickets are only available for cinemas at Midvalley, 1 Utama and Berjaya Times Square. Books your Transformers tickets now!


Robotic gift for my mom

So it happens to be the time to get back to Malaysia again. I don’t have the time for Corelle hunt this time. So I thought of something that my mom would like, or might like (but I like it alot, lol). Guess what I bought for her? ROommmba.

Roomba Discovery Scheduler Irobot
What roomba suppose to do is to automatically clean floor without any human assistance. I get the one with scheduler. This version will on itself on schedule, clean the floor and get back to its home base to charge when it finishes. You have the freedom to schedule what day and when to clean. The scheduler can have unique schedule for each day for the whole week.

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Are You NuffNanged?

Nuffnang is a new way to monetize your blog. It’s a Malaysia-based company and it’s just like adsense but with distinct personality.

After you have registered with Nuffnang, you’ll be provided with code to implement in your website. It can be anywhere. As for me I put it in my sidebar. However, you won’t get any advertisers banner yet. Nuffnang need to gather information traffic about your site first for about a week. After that you’ll get your first advertising and money will keep rolling afterward.

Nuffnang categorized user based on their unique visitors that your blog generate. The merrier your traffic, the merrier your wallet. After you’ve reached the threshold of RM100, you can check out your money. It’s that simple, register, implement code and blog like you always do.

Cypherhacks already got his first ads and it yields him RM50 for 7 day period. Not bad huh?I asked him about his blog traffic. He said it generates around 5-6K Unique per week. Last week, my blog got 4k uniques. I wonder how much I’ll got from Nuffnang.

For more information visit their kinda funny Blogger FAQ.

Don’t waste your time. Register now and start monetize your websites today!

So are you nuffnanged? I am!