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A friend from kampung


This is a story about a friend from a kampung, a deeply rural kampung that nobody outside has ever heard of its name. One day, a guy reached the kampung in Ferrari Cayenne and met with my friend. He said, “Boy, you don’t deserve this way of life. Come, I’ll teach you how to be like me”. By that Cayenne, my friend went out from that village and met with his new world.

The man turned out to be a genius, financially. He might not own the largest number of stocks, but his portfolio outgrowths any top investors’ throughout the history of stocks. He owned the largest number of profitable mutual funds and thanks to his powerful analytical mind, he might be the only one who wasn’t affected in the bursting housing market. How he had done that is impossible to fathom by a mere mind but the kampung boy religiously studied any wisdom thrown to him.

20 years has passed since he went out from his kampung. He thanked the man for all his efforts and head back to his rural kampung. His intention was to educate all his villagers to be like him, to be financially prepared even for the worst economic condition. He wasn’t even sure whether his villagers know what economic stands for.

After being sleepless for many nights, he finally had an idea. He planned to build a blog based on what he’s learnt from his master. He will explain every detail that is still intact on his mind about investment, stocks, economic and every other thing about money. He called his blog,

p/s: despite the long dramatic introduction, this post is about a new blog launched by my friend about investment. Don’t forget to visit his blog at




Testing using live writer

Quite a neat program but this is my first time so…

Ok let’s test how the image behave:

Sentosa Island

Ok the resizing is not bad and who doesn’t love the drag and drop features. how bout copy and paste:


Hey it works. It even automatically put drop shadow effect. Neat.

If you haven’t noticed, live writer also supports watermarking. You can save the setting as default and it will apply the same setting to all pictures.

erm.. what else. oh the usual block quote:

This is a block quote. I main use it for cut and paste material from the web. So let’s test a



lines. there you go

Overall, I’m quite please with it and I recommend you guys to use it. There are still a bunch of functions that await me to discover.

Here is the latest preview (as of 19 July 2008) – Download

or you can download the stable version – Download

If you are wondering about the photos, the girl in the first picture is one of our unofficial tour guide in Singapore Trip. The scene is a beach in Sentosa Island. Her family is the first Singaporean family that I’ve ever meet. They are wonderful and kind.

The second picture was taken in Central Park tunnel. I asked them to act as the couple in Cloverfield movie, when the bomb was about to drop. Apparently both of them didn’t watch the movie, justifying their total failure in showing appropriate emotion.


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Did someone just registered my name as a brand?

After a week of internet cutoff (someone with mindless greed try to steal the cable, but failed), I opened my email and 100 plus emails make their way into my laptop. Most of them are this blog comment notifications. One email caught my eyes. It’s from an domain name company in Beijing. Here is what it says:

JULY 14,2008

Jai Nischal Verma

Domain name & Internet keyword

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are Beijing Erimart Network Service Co, Ltd which is the domain name register center in China. We received a formal application from a company who is applying to register “irwan” as their domain name and Internet keyword on July 13,2008. Because this involves your company name or trade mark so we inform you in no time. If you consider these domain names and internet keyword are important to you and it is necessary to protect them by registering them first, contact us soon.

Kind Regards,


I actually don’t know what to do as this is my first time receiving this kind of email. I just shot them an email back asking for further clarification and my further options.

p/s: sorry for not replying and updating this blog

, ,


Let’s Get started

I just finished watching Germany vs Turkey match. I know how much unrelated it is but somehow I feel energized to write. Perhaps it’s my coffee. Anyhow, let’s make it engineer-like goals to sizzle up this blog.

My goals have to be specified. First, I’m going to make at least 1 posts in every 2 days or worst case, 3 posts per week. If not, all of you have the right to scold, nag, anything, you even can ask me to go out for a movie(if you are a girl :p), it’s on me.

Second, I have a great list of suggestion from my previous post. Some suggest me to write about fuel and minimum wages. I’ll try to tackle those issues in next posts.

Third, I need a new theme! I hate this theme. Do suggest me a new theme please.

Fourth, where are my adsense? I’ve been losing out months of adsense revenue because google stop displaying my ads. I contacted them just now and I am waiting for a good news.

That’s all for the time being. Thanks for reading this



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I don’t know what to write

img44I’m quite unmotivated to write in this blog nowadays. I’m not busy, have nothing much to do, but yet, the urge to write is still not here. Maybe I have writer block but I’m not really a writer who was writing a thicken plot of a murder and then stumbled upon a wall that block the continuation of the story. Or I just feel complacent about an insignificant number of articles that are heavily commented. No matter what’s the reason, there aren’t many good articles coming out of me.

So I hope someone out there could suggest a topic that might spark some interest in me to write about it.




Launching a new forum

I’ve dragging the idea to create a forum for quite a while. This is because I fear that it will dilute the ’blog’ness of Irwan’s. As there are some posts that have over hundred comments, I would like to experience using the forum instead.

Here’s the link to the forum. Or you can just click the link at the top of this page.

There is no registration requirement, so leaving a post would be as easy as leaving a comment. This might be changed later as our user base increase, but in the meantime, I believe the most important thing is user-friendliness of the forum.

For those who has been faithfully helping others by giving their opinions and advices, I hope you could find the forum useful.

Don’t forget to leave any suggestion including recommended category or want to volunteer to be a moderator. Just let me know.


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Defining my life, as it goes on

Today I’ve changed my blog description. It used to be ’my chronological journey towards financial freedom’ and now it’s ’defining my life, as it goes on’.

I want this blog to be broader in its sense. Not only I care about my financial well being, I would also like to emphasize other aspects in my life, that will truly define who I am.