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Let’s Get started

I just finished watching Germany vs Turkey match. I know how much unrelated it is but somehow I feel energized to write. Perhaps it’s my coffee. Anyhow, let’s make it engineer-like goals to sizzle up this blog.

My goals have to be specified. First, I’m going to make at least 1 posts in every 2 days or worst case, 3 posts per week. If not, all of you have the right to scold, nag, anything, you even can ask me to go out for a movie(if you are a girl :p), it’s on me.

Second, I have a great list of suggestion from my previous post. Some suggest me to write about fuel and minimum wages. I’ll try to tackle those issues in next posts.

Third, I need a new theme! I hate this theme. Do suggest me a new theme please.

Fourth, where are my adsense? I’ve been losing out months of adsense revenue because google stop displaying my ads. I contacted them just now and I am waiting for a good news.

That’s all for the time being. Thanks for reading this



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Defining my life, as it goes on

Today I’ve changed my blog description. It used to be ’my chronological journey towards financial freedom’ and now it’s ’defining my life, as it goes on’.

I want this blog to be broader in its sense. Not only I care about my financial well being, I would also like to emphasize other aspects in my life, that will truly define who I am.