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Testing using live writer

Quite a neat program but this is my first time so…

Ok let’s test how the image behave:

Sentosa Island

Ok the resizing is not bad and who doesn’t love the drag and drop features. how bout copy and paste:


Hey it works. It even automatically put drop shadow effect. Neat.

If you haven’t noticed, live writer also supports watermarking. You can save the setting as default and it will apply the same setting to all pictures.

erm.. what else. oh the usual block quote:

This is a block quote. I main use it for cut and paste material from the web. So let’s test a



lines. there you go

Overall, I’m quite please with it and I recommend you guys to use it. There are still a bunch of functions that await me to discover.

Here is the latest preview (as of 19 July 2008) – Download

or you can download the stable version – Download

If you are wondering about the photos, the girl in the first picture is one of our unofficial tour guide in Singapore Trip. The scene is a beach in Sentosa Island. Her family is the first Singaporean family that I’ve ever meet. They are wonderful and kind.

The second picture was taken in Central Park tunnel. I asked them to act as the couple in Cloverfield movie, when the bomb was about to drop. Apparently both of them didn’t watch the movie, justifying their total failure in showing appropriate emotion.


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